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Somerset Bay

Emerson Linen Embroidered Blouse in White


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    91prno720lu在线视频Somerset Bay's latest collection features floral print and soft pastel colours for that Spring feeling you can wear out and about!

    • Boat neckline
    • Long sleeves with gathered cuffs
    • Hi-low hemline
    • Linen embroidered blouse
    • Slip on
    • Model is wearing size UK8
    • Model is 174 cm tall
    • Material: Linen

    91prno720lu在线视频Care Instructions:

    • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent
    • Do not soak
    • Wash separately
    • Warm iron

    Measurements for product (in INCHES):

    TOP (with sleeves) UK 10 - M UK 12 - L
    Shoulder 22    22 1/2
    Armhole 8    8 3/8
    Bust 48    49 1/2
    Length of Sleeve 15    15 1/2
    Length of Top-front 23    23 1/2
    Length of Top-back 29    29 1/2
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